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March 31, 2013: 9:57 pm: bluemosesErudition

1. 아리마대 요셉과 니고데모는 예수의 장례를 자청했다. 그 기백은 어디서 유래하였는가.

2. 막달라 사람 마리아의 애통이 제자들에게 없었다. 그들은 자기들의 자리가 있었다.

* 나는 죽고 예수로 사는 사람이 아니면 그리스도인이라 할 수 없다. 나는 그리스도인인가.

: 8:34 pm: bluemosesErudition

학업과 업무, 텍스트와 콘텍스트, 수렴과 발산

: 2:57 pm: bluemosesErudition

“Method acting is any of a family of techniques used by actors to create in themselves the thoughts and feelings of their characters, so as to develop life like performances. … Method acting shares similarities with Stanislavski’s system.”

: 12:00 pm: bluemosesErudition

그 어떤 기획서 보다 중한 책임감을 지닌 설득은 글의 자구, 이미지 하나 하나가 모두 어우러져 만들어낸 성과이다.

March 29, 2013: 4:30 pm: bluemosesErudition

전쟁 위협

March 28, 2013: 11:19 am: bluemosesErudition

강제와 동의(Hegemony) ▷ 비폭력적 생동력(Shalom)

: 10:46 am: bluemosesErudition

대상경험, 표상(representation), 제3의 공간

March 26, 2013: 4:08 pm: bluemosesErudition

“미국 흑인 여성 신학자인 델로러스 윌리엄(Delores Williams)에 의하면 성경 인물 중 하갈만큼 흑인여성들의 멘토로 추앙을 받는 이가 없습니다. 하갈은 아프리카 출신 여자 노예라는 점에서 인종적 계층적으로 같은 처지인 흑인여성들의 큰 공감을 사고, 나아가 그녀가 남편도 없는 홀몸으로 험한 광야에서 아들 이스마엘을 키우며 생존을 도모한 점에 이르면 경제적 곤경과 정서적 피폐 속에 혼자 아이를 기르는 허다한 흑인 미혼모들의 눈물 어린 공감을 자아냅니다.”(박총)

: 12:36 am: bluemosesErudition

1. “Kant’s Joke—Kant wanted to prove, in a way that would dumbfound the common man, that the common man was right: that was the secret joke of this soul. He wrote against the scholars in support of popular prejudice, but for scholars and not for the people.”(Friedrich Nietzsche)

2. “The ground of proof surely lies in the fact that a man gives up his personality (throws it away) when he uses himself merely as a means for the gratification of an animal drive.”(Immanuel Kant)

3. “Does that mean that all nonconsequentialists need to rethink at least some of their morald commitments? I humbly suggest that the answer is “yes”. … That is, suppose that the only reason we say that it’s wrong to abandon the drowning child but okay to ignore the needs of starving children overseas is that the former pushes our emotional buttons while the latter do not. And let us suppose further that the only reason that faraway children fail to push our emotional buttons is that we evolved in an environment in which it was impossible to interact with faraway individuals. Could we then stand by our common sense intuitions?”

March 25, 2013: 11:35 pm: bluemosesErudition

James 5:16 NIV

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.